Monday, January 10, 2011

The Start of 2011

I have decided to start blogging again this year as one of my goals. Not a resolution, but a goal. Resolutions are for funny people and I'm not funny.

There's so much that a (female) business owner goes through on a daily basis that I think it's important to share with the world simply because I have one other person in my life to share my stories with and sometimes he doesn't find them as amusing as I do.... so maybe you will.

Here's how the New Year started for me:

-- I came back from a 12 day trip to Europe where I did nothing but eat, drive around in the rain in a car full of 5 people that was really made for 3, and visit with my sister in-law's Italian family. It was great. My mind was in a bowl of veal and polenta and I actually got a week of sleep lasting more than 3 consecutive hours.

-- 12/31 I spent the day driving around picking up party hats and making myself feel more stressed than what was really necessary. My plan was to look decent and float between Auto Battery, Po Dog and Grim ending the night working at Po Dog after 12:30am. This jet-lagged broad was fast asleep before midnight.

-- 1/1 through 1/9 were spent in bed. Somehow I had contracted this silly virus you only hear about high school kids getting, called Mono. It was the most boring and uncomfortably miserable sick-filled 8 days of my life. My dogs were happy to have me home.

Here I am now - first day back at work with a month of things to catch up on and I catch myself blogging. I'm half proud that I've gotten this far, half mad that I haven't gotten my spreadsheets finished. It's the Oregon championship game today so I'm taking it easy (excuse #1) - Go Ducks!

....should I have spell-checked this? or grammar-checked this?


  1. is it weird that i'm already commenting? :)

  2. No, it makes me feel very very special :) so thank you